1 RINGGIT (RM1) donation, 30 CENT ($ 0.30) donation


     Can you guess, what is the time in Malaysia now? Its 7:49 am, it shows that I am an early person when comes to update my wordpress. 🙂 Currently I am organizing a social responsibilities program to Palembang,Indonesia on 21st of August 2014, I spent all my holidays in college to organise and work for the program. We require the sponsor from non-government or individual. It is a long way to go to reach the target of RM20,000 ($6666).Thank you to donor, and hard work from committee members. The program had collected RM11000 ( $3666).

     The program include books donation to school in Palembang, motivation & fun camp ( sport’s day, water rocket’s race), universities’ visit , History research and report ( History of Malays Sultanate-Parameswara) , not forgetting donation to needy in Palembang. Therefore, we really needs your help to make the program become reality and successful. We’re have not much time left. Help us, to help them. 

Do not hesitate to request for my email and contact.

please comment below to show your support

thank you 🙂




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