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3rd year student of Bachelor’s Degree Electronic System Engineering

throwback, Taipei, Xinbeitou
throwback, Taipei, Xinbeitou

ALHAMDULILLAH, selawat dan salam keatas junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad S.A.W, syukur tak terhingga kepada Ibu yang tersayang. Tanpa kasih dan sayang mana mungkin dapat sampai ketahap ini.

Next stage,Final Year Project. (FYP) I haven’t decided yet, who should be my supervisor. But there are some targeted topic that related to my research interest and favorite lecturer. However, we still have to fight for it, as to approach lecturer it’s not an easy tasks, since this is really serious matter and its about accomplishing what I had started past three years of studies. Ganbatte Sara,you know what is the best to your life and future. InsyaALLAH.

Not long ago, I was focusing about myself but since some one special walks into my life I have constantly revised myself, is this what I really wanted in life. or  it is just a troll that will make my heart hurt some more. Oh, ALLAH  if he not meant to me, please just lets him walk away and find some one better instead of me. Well, all we need to do is to fight for things that is going to make us happy person. Since we are going to live in this world once. Most of the time, happiness is the righteous thing we all do in life. Thank you with every air that I breath, Thank you with every smile I received today, Thank you again with every words that I heard today. I love you


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