Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd Internship Program 2015

Honda Malaysia Sdn BhdI was amazed for the first time entering the plant, car production is far beyond my expectation, there are complicated, tedious, and amazing process. I was able to see the welding, painting, assembly ,and quality inspection process, each and every of them has their own criteria and standard operation procedure. Associate must follow all the procedure and requirement to produce every unit car.

Honda Jazz caught my attention, for me the model is very arrogant, stylish, unique and compact. My mom likes it too-dream car. Not only that, Honda internship program has expose me to various field of study, mechanical, automotive and more. Although, electronic studies mainly applies on electronic sector, Honda also implemented this area of studies to their latest technology-Robotic Arm system.

Task were given to keep us busy. Concept of updating, upgrading, down costing, all these apply very well. Honda is one of Japanese Company therefore, I get to see many Japanese Management Team. They are here to assist the company toward high achievement and leading company in Malaysia.

Honda Malaysia located in Malacca, thus my weekend spend well. Beautiful beaches, mouth-watering Asam Pedas, and eye-catching shopping complex. So I will bring you more next ” Malacca the Historical City” .

Till next time


2 thoughts on “Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd Internship Program 2015

    1. well hi, its actually through my faculty,
      However some people directly approached the HR by hand over their application, and resume lastly wait for interview session.
      The other method that people commonly used, are by attending career fair, (fyi, Honda also one of Mega Career Fair exhibitor at KLCC last month) and do company hunting. hope it will help you.
      Good luck ❤

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