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MJIIT’s Public Lecture, PERODUA Malaysia


The 15th MJIIT leadership lecture series entitled, PERODUA: Structural Transformation for global competitiveness was delivered by both distinguished guest which is the President of Perodua Auto Corporation, Mr. Yasumitsu Morita and the vice president, Mr. Zainal Abidin Ahmad. This lecture was held at Menara Razak Hall on 25th February 2016.

What part was impressive for you?

As a brief introduction, the journey of Perodua was addressed, starting from 1995 as the established second national car is part of government initiative to ensure the Malaysian to own transportation. It’s understandable that being a competitor to First National car- Proton, Perodua has to become mature, by carry its own identity. A part from that, Perodua market strategy which is focussing on the needs of customer, such as enlargement of storage compartment and others create satisfactory among customer.

What do you expect to Perodua as a Malaysian National brand?

The key challenge for transformation started when Myvi was introduced. Myvi was rebranding from PASSO which is Daihatsu Japan model, acquired Malaysian with better interior, and exterior model, over the years Perodua upgraded the design and capacity of their car at affordable price. For me, by the year of 2020 Perodua has targeted about 1,000,000 cars sale per year will be realized. Simply as that, I am a proud Malaysian, and believing that one day Perodua will recognized globally.

If you meet the President Morita face-to-face, what do you ask?

Mr.Morita said that experience makes people knowledgeable and competent. Since, 2013 lots of transformation were added into Perodua work culture, based on basic Japanese work principle such as punctually, DOJO, Gemba, and 4S. Since that, Perodua Auto Corporation has improved the product quality and increases its mass production. He emphasized that the opportunity he received from Toyota helps him to be who he really are today. He is also grateful to lead Perodua to be global market competitors in the future.

According to , the auto industry is on the brink of a revolution, and the driving force is the suite of technologies known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

  1.  Therefore, what are Perodua readiness levels to implement this emerging technology?
  2. Recently, Perodua managed to manufacture AXIA model with EEV feature, thus, what are differentiating AXIA with other local and international models?
download (5)
AXIA model, lava red is my fav

Checkout on those website below, for accurate information. Words above are based on my humble opinions and thoughts. Thank you for reading.




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