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Texas Instrument Malaysia


Assalamualaikum #peace be upon you

People asked me,

  • when are you going to get employed?
  • what type of jobs are you looking at?
  • where do you like to be allocated?
  • how much salary are you expected?

Therefore, here I am to clarify things which make me feel very uncomfortable and feeling bad about myself. I know majority of my friend who has confirmed their placement in prestigious company whether its government or others. I just wanted all of you to know that I am trying hard to get myself employed by the companies, so does others. Just in the matter of time, I believe that every single of us has our own path and I have mine. Whatever planned for you, and we will never be the same.

Yes, I am indeed has a bit of worried, but those negativity help to push me upward, and becoming a challenge factor.Above that, I am happy and blessed for you, and I will always pray for your success and future undertaking. May Allah blessed and shower you with happiness. Btw, please pray for me too! . 🙂

I would like to answer those question in simple ways, with an explanation.

If I were given a chance, I would like to work at Texas Instrument,Malaysia. The main reason are TI provides fresh graduate with extensive training which not only limited to engineering scope but far beyond, local and globally. Some people may prefer Japanese based company in Malaysia, but for me, both has significant values. Therefore, whatever companies that will help to develop my career prospect and leadership skills will have my attention, which Ti has all it takes.  Ti  has such a well-known achievement, and range of electronic components and products,therefore I could see my future as an engineer with Texas Instruments. Where, salary comes second after experience. (I cant believe, I just said that )

As a future young electronic engineer, knowledge and practical gained during undergraduate studies, are more or less applicable to the companies and will bring abundant of benefits. I am ambitiously wanted to create an innovative electronic component which are less power consumption, light, and safe in order to understand more on analog and digital devices. As a whole, I would love to enjoy the work culture TI has to offer, where in return productive and high achievement work performance will be given out.

thank you,


Job seeker

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