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checklist ♥

  1. Memorize a few prayers
  2. Read the mature adult materials ★★★★★ #books
  3. Reduce some weight
  4. Give more to receive more
  5. Save more money, for better tomorrow
  6. Update soon, still cant figure out ツ


Last nite I was taking care of my cousin-Adam, he is 3 years old, he was coughing non stop, though his eye was closed, seems to me that he was suffocated from thick mucus, I lifted him and given him gentle rub at back to ease his breathing, I have no idea weather I do it correctly. Then, he started to throw up,and its gets me into panic attack.I rushed him into bathroom and gave him quick washed,after that only he started to breathe normally.What a relieved. ♥


“there are still a place called home”


what a wonderful movie, to spend time with family to watch together. 🙂 Blue and Jewel just found out that their species still exist in the middle of the jungle in Amazon, “for this time they thought that they were alone” .When Linda and her husband, in the expedition to release an animal back to its home in the forest. They’re accidentally met with the Blue’s species, therefore Blue thought he should help Linda to find its species too. watch it to know more.

see you, do enjoy the movie with kid and family.. you would not disappointed.